With the increasing loss of habitat, many animal species are having difficulty finding a place to feed, reproduce and take refuge. It is therefore important to conserve, recreate and enhance wildlife habitats to ensure the sustainability of biodiversity which offers us many ecological services.

It is with the biodiversity of species that our ecosystems will remain healthy and continue to offer us quality water, air, and food.

We offer nest boxes and shelters specifically adapted to the needs of each of the targeted species, as well as several other accessories (feeders, perches, etc.)

We also offer an installation and maintenance service on request.

Carte-cadeau virtuelle

Nous sommes fiers de vous offrir une carte-cadeau qui a un impact positif sur l’environnement. 

En achetant notre carte-cadeau, vous contribuez à la protection de la faune locale, y compris les oiseaux, les chauves-souris et les insectes. Tous nos produits pour cultiver vos plantes préférées sont également inclus. 

Offrez le cadeau de choix qui fait du bien à la nature aujourd’hui!