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Great Crested Flycatcher Nest Box

Great Crested Flycatcher Nest Box

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Myiarchus crinitus

This small migratory bird has a brown-gray crest which gives it a ruffled appearance and which contrasts with its grayish breast, yellow belly and red tail. It nests from May to July in light deciduous or mixed forests, often in maple groves and large gardens. It lays 4 to 8 eggs which are incubated by the female for 14 days. The chicks will make their first flight approximately 14 days after hatching.

The great crested flycatcher feeds mainly on insects, but also on fruits and berries. It perches high in the canopy, on an exposed branch, on the lookout for prey which it captures on the wing with a clicking sound of its bill. It forms monogamous pairs and the male aggressively defends its territory against other males. It sometimes covers its nest with snake skins or something similar, such as onion skins and plastic. transparent, apparently to deter predators.

City, countryside and forest.
Eater of harmful insects.
Scatters seeds.
Rural environment. On the edge of forests, small woods and thickets, bushes, groves and orchards.
Nests in sparse deciduous or mixed forest; we see it in the maple groves.
Orientation of the hole: South, South-East.
Height: 1.8 to 6 meters from the ground.

_ Carry out maintenance every fall to avoid pests and diseases
_ Do not drive screws or drive nails directly into trees.
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