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Insect Hotel - Giant

Insect Hotel - Giant

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These insect shelters provide several micro-cavities that insects need to complete their life cycle. These shelters can in some way replace dead wood which is naturally found in a natural environment but is often missing in our cities and suburbs.

Several options are available to you!!!

Bumblebees, wild and solitary bees, and many other insects beneficial to our gardens and flowerbeds will use these cavities.

Grilling on one side.
100% ecological treated structure.
Cedar shingle roof.
Bumblebee box.
Lacewing box.
Hardwood logs with holes.
All materials available.
City, countryside, forest, body of water and fields.
Pollination, natural predation and decomposition.
Some of these insects are excellent pollinators which contribute greatly to the quality of our crops and others are voracious predators which promote the biodiversity of our ecosystems.
The vegetation must touch it, so install it a few centimeters above the ground.
Avoid the use of chemical fertilizers.
Keep the nest box outside all year round.
Place in the south-east but in partial shade, the insects like the morning sun.
Native plants and herbaceous plants.
_ Some materials will not be available for delivery by mail.
_Installation posts and installation wires are not included.
_ Installation and delivery costs not included.
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