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Northern Flying Squirrel Nest Box

Northern Flying Squirrel Nest Box

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Glaucomys sabrinus

This squirrel is not like the others: it has flexible skin connecting its front and rear legs which allows it to glide up to 50 m by jumping from tree to tree. It is smaller than the red squirrel weighing around 100 g and measuring 15 cm without the tail which can reach 14 cm. It is active mainly at night and is omnivorous, feeding on seeds, buds, fruits, and insects. It also consumes a lot of wild mushrooms and plays an important role in the spread of spores. It often hides food in its nest or in trees and can become gregarious during the winter sharing its nest with others (up to 20) to benefit from more warmth.

It reproduces at the end of winter and the young (2-5) are born between May and June. It builds its nest in the cavities of dead trees, often in holes left by woodpeckers, or builds it with leaves, branches and bark.
Countryside, forest and body of water.
Spreads mushroom seeds and spores.
Install in the oldest tall tree, preferably conifers, or close to a humid environment.
Install the hole facing away from the prevailing winds.
Install the nest box on a dead tree (solid snag) that other branches do not touch.
Height between 10 and 26 feet.

_ To be cleaned during the period of January and February.
_ Install several nest boxes since changing nest boxes minimizes predation and parasites.
_ Do not drive screws or drive nails directly into trees.
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